Can't delete any files on my filled up ZFS pool

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Mon Jan 21 14:22:51 PST 2008

Thomas Vogt wrote:
> Hello
> I need help. My ZFS sytem is filled up. I can't delete any files.
> root at bert:/tank# rm input.wav
> rm: input.wav: No space left on device

I know nothing about ZFS :-)  (Well nearly, just reading the ZFS pain
on @freebsd lists is enough to scare me off for now ;-) ) But if I
was stuck on this, with no ZFS experts to quickly ask, I'd guess & try:

	It needs more space for another Inode, or extended directory
	entry, cos its maybe going to create another inode in a
	backup/ deleted entity first, so either:

	Maybe su ; rm input.wav	# if the concept of extra space still exists
				# per "tunefs -m" for root as per UFS etc.
	Or B)
	Perhaps more likely:
		truncate existing inode to create some space
		before deleting it:
			cat /dev/null > input.wav ; rm input.wav

	Presumably if you filled it as root, B might still empty it.

There will doubtless be better ZFS answers, but could be interesting
to hear if either of above could work.

Julian Stacey. Munich Computer Consultant, BSD Unix C Linux.

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