7.0 RC1 amd64 -- no boot with 3ware 9650-2 port

Rudy crapsh at monkeybrains.net
Fri Jan 18 21:36:32 PST 2008

I can reboot, no problem.  I got 7.0-RC1 on it (my CD-ROM drive was bad 
too old ... it would boot up, but freeze at the 'acd0' line in the boot 

Once installed, I removed the hard disk and got an error "No Operating 
system".  I pulled the second drive, and booted with just one disk in.  
After it had booted, I plugged the SATA cable back into the running 
machine (the SATA protocol is HOT-SWAP friendly) and ran atacontrol to 
detect the added disk.  Then I created a gmirror between the two disks. 

Actually, I made two slices on the disks, one small for the OS, and a 
larger one which now has zfs on it.

I used these instructions:
... those instructions are missing one step before:
   gmirror insert gm0s1 /dev/ad0s1
It helps to have a partition table on your ad0... this command will do 
 fdisk -p ad1 | fdisk -f - ad0
(disks need to be the same size)

The x7sBi is working great.  (send me some free motherboards, Supermicro 
and I'll test them out!)


Martin Nilsson wrote:
> Support (Rudy) wrote:
>> [2] Is this a compatibility issue with the SUpermicro x7DBi motherboard?
> Are you able to reboot your X7SBi motherboard?
> Mine just sits there when I run: shutdown -r now  - The Rebooting... 
> line is not displayed and I have to hit the reset button. This is 
> 8-CURRENT of a week ago.
> Best Regards,
> Martin

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