Processes stuck in vmo_de state

Pawel Worach pawel.worach at
Fri Jan 18 21:02:13 PST 2008


On recent current when building the gnome2 meta port the build gets 
stuck, here is a ddb trace of the stuck process. Any ideas ?

db> ps
   pid  ppid  pgrp   uid   state   wmesg     wchan    cmd
46836 46834 81809     0  S+      piperd   0xc80d6da4 grep
46835 46834 81809     0  S+      vmo_de   0xc080f074 sh
46834 46719 81809     0  S+      wait     0xc3dc82ac sh
db> bt 46835
Tracing pid 46835 tid 100105 td 0xc3e1f000
sched_switch(c3e1f000,0,1,20794e9a,1b01,...) at sched_switch+0x46b
mi_switch(1,0,c3e1f000,e6597940,c05ad5e7,...) at mi_switch+0x120
sleepq_switch(c3e1f000,0,c079c9f3,240,0,...) at sleepq_switch+0x88
sleepq_timedwait(c080f074,1,c07acfa9,2,0,...) at sleepq_timedwait+0x37
_sleep(c080f074,0,0,c07acfa9,1,...) at _sleep+0x2c4
pause(c07acfa9,1,0,0,0,...) at pause+0x30
vm_object_deallocate(c59b2480,281d8000,281f5000,c21e4000,0,...) at 
vm_map_delete(c4543828,0,bfc00000,c39c5000,c4543828,...) at 
vm_map_remove(c4543828,0,bfc00000,c079ff3d,11a,...) at vm_map_remove+0x55
exec_new_vmspace(e6597be8,c07ec800,e6597be8,e6597ae8,c055855f,...) at 
exec_elf32_imgact(e6597be8,38,687,c14d51c0,e0cbf000,...) at 
at kern_execve+0x3a1
execve(c3e1f000,e6597cfc,c,e6597d38,e6597d2c,...) at execve+0x4c
syscall(e6597d38) at syscall+0x345
Xint0x80_syscall() at Xint0x80_syscall+0x20
--- syscall (59, FreeBSD ELF32, execve), eip = 0x28145c2f, esp = 
0xbfbfcdfc, ebp = 0xbfbfce18 ---


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