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Ed Schouten ed at
Thu Jan 17 11:53:49 PST 2008

Hello Marcus,

* Marcus von Appen <mva at> wrote:
> Those interested in it are invited to test it out and blame me for any
> error that occurs. You can get the most recent version either using the
> bzr repository at or by downloading
> on of the source packages available at
> Once downloaded (and extracted), you can build it using make.
> Afterwards you will find the assembler flowgraph generator under
> asmgraph/, the C flowgraph generator under cgraph/:
>     ./asmgraph/asmgraph test/posixtest_nasm.s
>     ./cgraph/cgraph test/posixtest.c
> As I did not integrate it into a local src/ tree for now, use both
> programs directly, not the shell script.

I just tried cgraph to see how it works, I've never used cflow before (I
didn't even know it was part of POSIX). I don't know if this is required
by the standards, but here it goes:

When I create 2 C files:


void a(void)


void b(void)

Two very simple C files with a function call that connects the objects
together. When I run cgraph, I get this:

| 1 a: void(), <a.c 1>
| 2   b: <>
| 1 b: void(), <b.c 1>

Isn't the application supposed to resolve b as well? cflow looks like a
useful utility. Hope to see it get integrated. :-)

 Ed Schouten <ed at>
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