RFC: Adding a hw.features[2] sysctl

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Thu Jan 17 09:45:05 PST 2008

Igor Mozolevsky wrote:

> Would you need
> ...features=0x178bfbff
> ...features2=0x1
> ...amd.features=0xe2500800
> ...amd.features20x3; or

Please go this way because applications that care only about "features2" 
will be unmoved if another manufacturer adds "features3" and 
"features4". Programs made to depend on "features3" will simply get an 
"not found" error at a system level when run on a machine that lacks 
"features3", which is desirable and good design.

> I genuinely don't know (and don't have the time to work out) the
> actual overhead of a sysctl vs ioctl, so if someone knows please let
> me know :-)

Please don't start polluting /dev with info-only nodes. Sysctls are 
designed exactly for that purpose.

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