ERROR! Can't stop Rx DMA

Unga unga888 at
Tue Jan 15 02:40:40 PST 2008

--- Unga <unga888 at> wrote:

> I have upgraded from 7.0-BETA4 to 7.0-PRERELEASE by
> compiling from source.
> Now I'm getting network access freeze quite often
> and
> when issue a reboot, it shows following message,
> some
> times hangs there, sometimes continue:
> tx0: ERROR! Can't stop Rx DMA

Anybody experience this problem? 

Please note, I'm getting almost every time I try
7.0-PRERELEASE. Shutdown hangs with "tx0: ERROR! Can't
stop Rx DMA" message. It leaves no log message. Is it
been fixed in the kernel sources? If it is, I
recompile the kernel and give it a try. 


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