OpenSSH HPN Patchset (WAS: FreeBSD's problems as seen by the community)

Tom Judge tom at
Mon Jan 14 10:41:57 PST 2008

Vince Hoffman wrote:
> Ollivier Robert wrote:
>> According to Tom Judge:
>>> I have also have this patch (against RELENG_6_2) but it also includes the 
>>> HPN patches,  please drop me a private email if you would like a copy.
>> Both the "-c none" and the HPN patches are worthy for a ports patch.  Please send a PR with both.  If noone else does, I can commit them.
> HPN is already in security/openssh-portable  the -c none would be
> welcome though.

If you are using the HPN patch set from openssh-portable (as per the 
default hpn patch set)  you should already have the none cypher avaliable.

My patch against RELENG_6_2 is available here:

This patch is based on the HPN12 patch set.


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