NDIS debugging

Diego Giagio dgiagio at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 08:19:57 PST 2008


Recently i've bought a new laptop (Dell Precision M2300) which came
with Intel 4965 Wifi chipset. Since there's no native driver available
yet, I've been trying to get it to work throught Project Evil (NDIS
Windows Driver NETw4x64).

At first, the driver complained for "no match for
InitializeSListHead". Then I figured it out how to implement that
function (a simple bzero on slist_head, just like ndiswrapper on
Linux) and it stopped complaining. I'm able to kldload NETx4x64_sys.ko
with success, but it stays silent. It just loads two dependent modules
(if_nids.ko and nids.ko) and nothing is printed into dmesg or console.
Also, there's no ndis0 device.

As far as I can get I could see that DriverEntry()'s module is working
OK as it returns STATUS_SUCCESS on subr_windrv.c's windrv_load().

So, the question is: Is there a way to turn on verbose debugging on
the NDIS subsystem? Would be great if I could get some more info on
what's going wrong.

Thank you.


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