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Oliver Fromme olli at
Sun Jan 13 04:11:18 PST 2008

Bernd Walter wrote:
 > Oliver Fromme wrote:
 > > Certainly, but as I wrote, it's not a big deal.  I have
 > > several other patches that I maintain on my own for
 > > various reasons.  For example I have a local patch set
 > > that enables "-c none" in ssh, so I can scp large files
 > > much faster between slow machines over channels that don't
 > > need encryption, and still be able to use ssh's features.
 > > I don't even try to submit the patch to the OpenSSH people,
 > > because they would reject it.  I considered submitting it
 > > as a local patch to the FreeBSD base, but I think it would
 > > be rejected too, reason: "please submit it upstream to the
 > > OpenSSH people".  :-)
 > This is by far the best outcome from this branch of the thread.
 > I've often missed this feature in ssh since it was removed.
 > May I have your patch?

Sure.  I just wrote a small readme file and put it on
an web server:

Actually the patch is small and trivial, because the
"none" cipher support code is still there, it just has
been disabled in the source at various places.

The patch applies to RELENG_6, RELENG_7 and 8-current,
so this is finally on-topic on the freebsd-current list.

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