Fix for GPE livelock on HPs

Volker volker at
Sat Jan 12 18:42:21 PST 2008

On 12/23/-58 20:59, Nate Lawson wrote:
> I've committed the below patch and want to MFC it to 7.0.  To do this, I
> need people to test this quickly.  It probably has no effect in 6.x and
> probably doesn't apply cleanly there.
> Please try this patch if you have a laptop and 7.x.  If you have
> -current, just cvsup.  I'd like to make sure there is no regression.
> I'm already aware that it fixes things for some HP users.


can you be a bit specific for a) what GPE is, b) what the problem is,
c) what to look for (any test procedures?) and d) which HP laptop
models might be affected?

I do have an Omnibook vt6200 (P-IV 1.8G) running 6-STABLE and a new HP
6715b (Tur-X2 TL-60) running 7-RC1 (currently installing on this, OS
is not yet fully set up).

If I knew what to look for, I might test your patches (at least on the
 7-RC1 version).


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