csh core dumping 7.0-rc1

Chris chrcoluk at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 09:50:55 PST 2008

> That backtrace is garbage, of course :)  Try rebuilding csh and the
> libraries with CFLAGS+=-ggdb and STRIP= (i.e. set to the empty string).
>   This will allow a meaningful backtrace when it crashes.
> Kris

Kris please halt this investigation and thanks for your time on this.

when I did the 2nd bt I had noticed it was using the local iconv which
incidently was installed by directadmin a 3rd party application,
diectadmin usually causes no problems such as this but they have no
freebsd7 specific version yet and whats happened is I installed the
freebsd6 version and it in its installation script has installed some
freebsd6 version of these packages one of them been iconv.  I just
recompiled iconv from ports and csh no longer crashes.  I apologise
for wasting your time on this issue.


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