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Astrodog wrote:
> I'd like to propose the creation of a freebsd-legal mailing list.
> Beyond moving threads like this one off of -current, I believe it
> would provide a valuable place to discuss things like DTrace
> licensing, the use of GPL'd code in base, Java packages, etc.

I don't think it's really needed.  What's needed (and I fully understand
why folks have been slow to invoke it) is, for a short while, to require
folks to follow the mailing list rules a bit more closely, and applying
certain sanctions should they violate them.  Folks have been flagrantly
breaking the rules, and justifying it by saying "no one reads it then!",
and if this isn't stopped, the list suffers.

Maybe, at the start, just some sterner warnings might possily serve the
purpose?  But folks need to know that the list monitor is at least awake.

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