[Call for testers] "BSD ar"

Steve Kargl sgk at troutmask.apl.washington.edu
Fri Jan 11 11:40:36 PST 2008

On Fri, Jan 11, 2008 at 03:23:36PM +0100, Kai Wang wrote:
> I think it's time for "BSD ar" to get a public review after months of
> bug hunting and cleaning up done by jkoshy@ and me.  The majority of
> the coding work was done during the summer of 2007 and was sponsored
> by Google SoC 2007 programme.
> You can find the tarball at:
> http://web.student.chalmers.se/~kaiw/patch/ar-20080111.tgz

Do I drop the ar/ directory into src/usr.bin as a replacement
for the current ar/?


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