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Harti Brandt wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Jan 2008, Timo Schoeler wrote:
> TS>No, I didn't. I said that the work is done ineffectively as he's
> doing TS>underprioritized stuff. Working on higher prioritized
> stuff would be TS>more efficient, and would help the project even
> more. TS> TS>Given the assumption that the developer is able to do
> both, the Xmas TS>tree as well as importing ZFS v9 into the tree.
> TS> TS>(I don't see the point that when somebody is really
> *capable* of doing TS>both things, why should (s)he do the 'lower
> priority' thing. If you TS>are at the olympic stadium and you're
> the best sprinter, you wouldn't TS>join the marathon...!)
> Sorry, this is just crap. I'm a rather bad guitar player, at least
> much worse than I'm a programmer. Yet I enjoy playing Joe Pass at
> 1/4 the speed while I could import ZFS during that time ... People
> just bring to FreeBSD what they like to do, not what would be the
> best for you or others. If you want them to change priorities
> according to YOUR needs, pay them money.
Very small point that is the goal of various purposes floating
around... no back to regular program

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