strace broken in 7.0?

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Fri Jan 11 02:57:06 PST 2008

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Timo Schoeler <timo.schoeler at> writes:
> Part of the discussion on was some people complaining that
> parts of the base system (as well as [important] ports) do not work,
> and are maintained very badly due to 'no interest'.

Those people clearly don't understand the FreeBSD development model.
This "no interest" bit is completely fundamental.  Code gets written by
the people who have an interest in it, either because they need it
themselves, or because they find it intellectually satisfying, or
because someone donated unsupported hardware, or because someone paid
them to do it.

Earlier in this thread, someone mentioned txp(4) as an example of
unmaintained code in the base system.  It is a very good example of the
above.  It was ported from OpenBSD seven years ago by someone who was
paid by his employer to do it, and had access to hardware and
documentation.  I doubt anyone else in the project does, because the
hardware it supports is obsolete (it was discontinued five years ago),
and was not widely used even when new.

> FreeBSD seems to decay from release to release; don't get me wrong, I
> *do* like new features, enhances SMP, ZFS, all this stuff, no problem.
> *BUT* please don't forget the basis. It wouldn't surprise me if ls(1)
> doesn't work when 8.0 is released.

You're over-dramatizing; I hope you don't really believe in what you
just wrote, because it's completely wrong and unjustified.

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