FreeBSD's problems as seen by the community

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Fri Jan 11 02:54:56 PST 2008

thus Aryeh M. Friedman spake:
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> Timo Schšoeler wrote:
>> thus Aryeh M. Friedman spake:
>>>> The license is *perfect* and works for decades now. I'm pretty
>>>> sure people know when they can 'effort' it to contribute to an
>>>> OSS prject like FreeBSD. If they have time to do so and the
>>>> will to do so, they will do it. If not, then they won't do it.
>>>> The license is not responsible for coders' lives in a way to
>>>> make sure they can 'live' (rent an appartment, eat, drink,
>>>> whatever).
>>>> Furthermore: Even the GPL does not regulate this.
>>>> (Total waste of time...)
>>> Accept to direct most of this to the hopefully newly created
>>> -legal@ list
>> I doubt there will be such a list. Maybe they should just create a
>> /dev/null-likeee list called flames@ ?
> See the actual purposal (not mine) and you see there are perfectly
> legit reasons for such a list that have nothing to do with this thread
>>> just let me say forcing people to pick between morals and money
>>> has never been a good option.
>> True, as money is on the place in the universe where morals is at
>> maximum distance to.
> Much of current thinking in economics actually says they are in fact
> flip sides of the same coin.   A forth coming book (which I am not
> allowed to cite for an other few months due to a NDA) take direct aim
> at the above false paradox.   It is the thesis of the book that almost
> all bad aspects of the modern macro world are due to incomplete
> understandings of the interplay between them.

Economics is, in contrast to as what it is sold as, _no_ science. It's 
total crap. Far away from logic, far away from humanism, far away from 
being useable in whatever way.

Must be a ultra-important book, if it's so secret. Wow.

The interplay is just plain fucking simple: There are, for decades now, 
100,000 people dying of hunger each and every single day, *although* 
there's enough being produced to feed double the amount of people living 
on this planet: Mankind could feed *twelve billion* people. But nobody 
of those 'in power' wants to do it.

There's war spread all over the world by the world's most democratic 
country, in order to get geopolitical advantages and *oil*. Hundrets of 
thousands of people dying in these wars.

Why is that? It's main purpose is to keep *your* V8 running and *you* 
able to buy an iPhone. This is in order that *you* *don't* start *thinking*.

But this is now totally OT; please feel free to send me private email, I 
like this kind of discussion as I'm very interested and active in 
policital things. Please do *NOT* cc: freebsd-current at .



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