FreeBSD's problems as seen by the community

Timo Schšoeler timo.schoeler at
Fri Jan 11 02:35:32 PST 2008

thus Aryeh M. Friedman spake:
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>> The license is *perfect* and works for decades now. I'm pretty sure
>>  people know when they can 'effort' it to contribute to an OSS
>> prject like FreeBSD. If they have time to do so and the will to do
>> so, they will do it. If not, then they won't do it.
>> The license is not responsible for coders' lives in a way to make
>> sure they can 'live' (rent an appartment, eat, drink, whatever).
>> Furthermore: Even the GPL does not regulate this.
>> (Total waste of time...)
> Accept to direct most of this to the hopefully newly created -legal@
> list

I doubt there will be such a list. Maybe they should just create a 
/dev/null-likeee list called flames@ ?

> just let me say forcing people to pick between morals and money
> has never been a good option.

True, as money is on the place in the universe where morals is at 
maximum distance to.

However, is there anyone including yourself able to follow your 
wannabemetaphyisical killing spree?

> - --
> Aryeh M. Friedman

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