Why the FreeBSD license will not be changing

Julian Stacey jhs at berklix.org
Thu Jan 10 09:16:21 PST 2008

Please Discuss Licensing On chat@, Not current@ !  

  This is the mailing list for users of freebsd-current. It includes
  warnings about new features coming out in -current that will affect
  the users, and instructions on steps that must be taken to remain
  -current. Anyone running "current" must subscribe to this list.


  This list contains the overflow from the other lists about
  non-technical, social information. It includes discussion about
  whether Jordan looks like a tune ferret or not, whether or not
  to type in capitals, who is drinking too much coffee, where the
  best beer is brewed, who is brewing beer in their basement, and
  so on. Occasional announcements of important events (such as
  upcoming parties, weddings, births, new jobs, etc) can be made
  to the technical lists, but the follow ups should be directed to
  this list.
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