What current Dell Systems are supported/work

John Baldwin jhb at freebsd.org
Thu Jan 10 08:25:16 PST 2008

On Wednesday 09 January 2008 07:06:02 pm Xin LI wrote:
> Richard Bates wrote:
> > Sorry for the repost...
> > I don't think the first one posted..
> >
> > posted to freebsd.stable, freebsd-current, Freebsd-hardware
> >
> > I checked the hardware in the online documentation manual/hardware
> >
> > It only lists the bits and peices of the machine say the hard drive
> > controller and so forth. but doesn't give you a particular system to
> > look at as a working machine with FreeBSD 6.2
> >
> > does anybody know if a Dell PowerEdge 1950
> >     • Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processors 5400 series 3.16GHz
> >     • 4GB Ram
> >
> > I am looking to attach 2 machines to a SAN to make a constantly up
> > system. Is there a Dell San and San Switch that will work with this
> > version of BSD?
> >
> > Thank you for your help
> It has been observed that there is some interrupt related issue with
> certain models of Dell PowerEdge 1950/2950 on 6.2-RELEASE, to be more
> specific, those which are configured without a RAID controller.  The
> symptom is that server will hang on boot after detected acd0, but this
> is not reliably reproducible.

If you use 'show intrcnt' in ddb do you see an interrupt storm on bce0?  We
have a local patch at work to fix an interrupt storm on boot with bce(4)
that needs further refinement but I don't have any boxes handy to test on.
> At our company (we deploy hundreds of 1950/2950 online during last
> year), our important local changes that is made for these boxes include:
>  - backport my bce(4) changes from RELENG_6.
>  - backport MSI support, and enable by default. (*)
> *: This is the default behavior for 7.0, I have not encountered the
> problem mentioned above on any 1950/2950 boxes so far I have tested.

I will enable MSI by default on 6.x now (so will take affect for 6.4).
We've also enabled it by default on 6.x at work.

John Baldwin

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