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Oliver Fromme wrote:
> Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
>> Marian Hettwer wrote:
>>> Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
>>>> One thing that FOSS (BSD or GPL) has historical had issues
>>>> doing cleanly is seperating free software from free beer.
>>>> [...] Yes the source should be avaible to everyone
> No, not necessarily.  In particular, the BSD license does not
> enforce availability of the source to everyone, and it does not
> enforce anything else, except that the license may not be removed.
> That's not accidental, it's not a flaw, it doesn't need repair.
> It's intended.  And trying to discuss to "repair" that is
> completely futile.

Just a side question... if it is so complete why was there a need to
modify the orginal UCB version?... specifically there is no reason not
to discuss improvements.
>>>> [...] my approach (along with 3 other small software vendors)
>>>> is to have a requirement to contribute back to the community
>>>> in some form (in work or help support those doing the work),
>>>> namely it is free software but not free beer.
>>> Please stop this. FreeBSD is BSD licenced and if you want to
>>> start another holy war about wether this is good or bad, do it
>>> on freebsd-chat. Or even better, stop here, right now.
>> a) I didn't start the thread and was keeping my comments to a
>> min.
> You didn't start the thread, but you started abusing it by driving
> it into the licensing direction.

If the root cause of the OP's issues is lack of interest in older code
and this is caused because it doesn't pay interms of ones rep in the
community (new things get you this not making old things work better)
and the lack of this reward is because of the difficultly of combining
money and FOSS then it is a) a valid topic and b) a licensing issue
because the only way to "repair" the situation is to slightly modify
the license (the honor system is what got us here in the first place)

>> b) Contrary to it's charter -chat@ really is nothing except for a
>>  flame redirect location (thus as far I can tell almost no one
>> reads seriously it)
> That's wrong.  The chat list is being used for things that are
> off-topic on the other lists.  Sometimes there are "flames" indeed,
> but that's a minority.

I subscribe to it and have yet to see anything more then a 50/50 split
between real chat (and that is really not approriate for this
discussions a list for the legal/business aspects of freebsd would be)
and flames

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