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Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
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> writes:
>>> A lot of our users do this.  We have many crucial FreeBSD
>>> developers employed at companies which understand that
>>> developer support is key to FreeBSDs future.
>>> We just need more of that.
>> We also need to have better avenues for people who want to
>> contribute but do not have the economic means to subsidize there
>> work from some large company, gov. agency and/or university...
>> i.e. there is no room for independent people to contribute on a
>> full time basis...
> We have never required anybody to have employment to participate in
> FreeBSD: If you're able and willing, you're welcome.

Able is the key point here... ableness is more then just the skill
needed it is having enough resources that you will not starve by doing
so... I suspect if an honest survey was done of people who do not
currently contribute you would find many of them would if they had the
time/resources to do so (as I said in the blog I have contributed to
many open source projects but also attempting to make a living by
running a small software company is not very compatible with that goal
unless some middle ground is found)
>> BTW as to the single sentence that would recitify this in the bsd
>>  license it would be something as simple as:
>> "Execution of covered work in any form may be conditioned to
>> payment fees (if any) and/or performing work in kind detailed at
>> http://......".
> No, no, no, NO & NO F**KING WAY!

Which part of "(if any)" is not clear... i.e. the licensor is
completely free to waive the requirment (i.e. identical to the current

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