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Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
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> writes:
>>> We need more licenses like we need a 3rd or 4th leg.  What is
>>> wrong with the standard BSD license please?
>> I decided to elaborate slightly on the previous reply....
> I am fully with Wilko here.
> We don't need to change the license or use any other means to beat
> our users over the head.
> We need them to understand the problem, and act as intelligent
> human beings.
> A lot of our users do this.  We have many crucial FreeBSD
> developers employed at companies which understand that developer
> support is key to FreeBSDs future.
> We just need more of that.

We also need to have better avenues for people who want to contribute
but do not have the economic means to subsidize there work from some
large company, gov. agency and/or university... i.e. there is no room
for independent people to contribute on a full time basis...

As I said in an other message this is not about saying the current has
anything wrong with it, just that it can be improved.

Volunteer efforts are great and I fully support them (such as my work
on ports 2.0) but the larger they grow the harder it gets to do it all
volunteer (every large non-profit has paid full-time employees after
all)... to paraphrase an other organization I am involved in we should
"be completely self supporting through our own ....contributions"...
this includes more then just service it includes supporting those who
do such service...

BTW as to the single sentence that would recitify this in the bsd
license it would be something as simple as:

    "Execution of covered work in any form may be conditioned to
payment fees (if any) and/or performing work in kind detailed at

   The "(if any)" wording is important because the licensor (FreeBSD)
can elect to charge nothing but require work in kind for example.
The actual amount of the fee and or works can be very small for such a
large project like FreeBSD (less then $5/year) to make it 100% self
supporting [no donations needed].

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