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Wilko Bulte wrote:
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> 04:42:56AM -0500 ..
>> Aryeh M. Friedman wrote:
>>> Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
>>>> In message <478556AD.6090400 at>, Dominic Fandrey
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>>>>> The first problem is [...]
>>>> No. The first problem FreeBSD has, is that the users do not
>>>> financially support enough full-time developers.
>>> There are some possible solutions to the lack of funding
>>> without having to ask corps for huge donations (they would
>>> actually improve the amount of contributed work also in all
>>> likellyhood.... see my blog
>> Forgot to mention that the approach outline is fairly compatible
>> with the BSD style of doing stuff (one of the other people
>> involved with the effort is actually drafting a BSD style license
>> that is 100% compatible with the current one (Free)BSD
>> license)... see
> We need more licenses like we need a 3rd or 4th leg.  What is wrong
> with the standard BSD license please?

I decided to elaborate slightly on the previous reply....

One thing that FOSS (BSD or GPL) has historical had issues doing
cleanly is seperating free software from free beer.   The first being
a very important goal and the second a unfair side effect of thinking
that open source by definition means free use of the products.   Yes
the source should be avaible to everyone but as far I can tell that
does not automatically and should not translate into not having some
responibility to the community that created the project in the first
place.... my approach (along with 3 other small software vendors) is
to have a requirement to contribute back to the community in some form
(in work or help support those doing the work), namely it is free
software but not free beer.

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