IEEE488 (lack of) future in FreeBSD

Alexey Shuvaev shuvaev at
Wed Jan 9 13:41:48 PST 2008


Well, it seems that I am that lost soul who has NI PCIIA isa card
in the experimental setup a few meters away from the office computer.
The computer on the experiment is Dell pentium (i585)
with 64 Mib RAM and 2 Gb HDD.
It was shipped something around 1994, but still alive!
And I have 2 options: either Win9x or FreeBSD. With the second preferred.

The dream about "FreeBSD for a scientist" was so sweet...
A friend of mine, makc at issp dot ac dot ru is an active maintainer
of some number of scientific ports like qtiplot,
one of replacements for Origin. Bearing in mind existence of other ports
(SciLab, Octavia, gsl, gnuplot, gtkdatabox[2], ...) and development-friendly
nature it makes FreeBSD a good choice for a scientist.
Well in comparison with my friend I cannot really vote (by contibuting
some code) for now, so...

If I understand things correctly, the libgpib + pcii driver
stays in the CVS repository forever? At least with RELENG_7_0 tag?
If so then this mail is not an objection to remove these bits at all,
only FWIW.

AFAIK the GPIB is a real bus (with its own addressing, signalling
and so on) with possibility to attach many devices to it.
So if the adapters from Prologix appear to the system as serial ports,
are they a stripped down imlementation of GPIB?
One external experimental device = one adapter?

And the Makefile to compile pcii device driver should look like this,
or I miss something?
.PATH:	/usr/src/sys/dev/ieee488

KMOD=	pcii
SRCS=	pcii.c upd7210.c tnt4882.c
SRCS+=	bus_if.h device_if.h isa_if.h pci_if.h upd7210.h

.include <>


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