[PATCH] lockmgr and VFS plans

Attilio Rao attilio at freebsd.org
Wed Jan 9 06:45:43 PST 2008

as previously explained in past e-mails, lockmgr() is going to face a
massive restructuration.
The work is progressing on two different rails: the former involves
fixing consumers code in order to make it completely implementative
details agnostic, in order to make it cleaner and more robust. The
latter involves giving a good replacement for current functions and a
faster implementation.
lockmgr() is an old primitive widely used in our VFS subsystem, so
this overhaul would involve someway VFS subsystem necessarilly, in
particular about the former line of development.

Part of this overhaul (for this preliminary stages) consists in
removing the 'thread' argument from the lockmgr() interface which also
means making useless the same argument about VFS functions (vn_lock,
VOP_LOCK() and VOP_UNLOCK()). This removal can be done in a 'stacked'
way and can be splitted in 2 different stages: the former will clean
up only vn_lock() while the latter will be more aggressive and it will
involve hardly VFS, fixing VOP_LOCK1() and VOP_UNLOCK(). This patch
removes the 'thread' argument from vn_lock():

What I'm looking for is:
- objections to this
- testers (even if a small crowd alredy offered to test this patch)

I test-compiled and runned LINT with this patch and it works
perfectly, but a wider audience would be better.

I also would appreciate a lot if people planning to do changes to
lockmgr or VFS would coordinate their efforts with me, even on small


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