ZFS honesty

Andrew Gallatin gallatin at cs.duke.edu
Wed Jan 9 05:26:05 PST 2008

=?UTF-8?B?6Z+T5a625qiZIEJpbGwgSGFja2Vy?= writes:
 > >  OTOH that's all GPFS is.
 > Far more features than that - 'robust', 'fault tolerant', 'Disaster Recovery' 
 > ... all the usual buzzwords.
 > And nothing prevents using 'cluster' tools on a single box. Not storage-wise anyway.

Having had the misfortune of being involved in a cluster which used
GPFS, I can attest that GPFS is anything but "robust" and "fault
tolerant" in my experience.  Granted this was a few years ago, and
things may have improved, but that one horrible experience was 
sufficient to make me avoid GPFS for life.


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