Remaining issues before RELEASE

Nathan Butcher n-butcher at
Mon Jan 7 17:56:00 PST 2008

I just wanted to post about some issues at this stage in the release cycle.

* ZFS - It's been working well for me, as long as I don't thrash it.
Recently I haven't managed to cause it to panic on amd64. I boosted my
RAM to 4GB because its now cheap enough to be an impulse purchase.
I also noticed recently that recent Solaris Express builds have ZFS up
at version 9, whereas the FreeBSD implementation is at version 6 - so I
assume ZFS on FreeBSD will have some ways to go yet (and there will be a
"zpool upgrade" in everyone's future.)

* if_ral - I've noticed instability in the driver since mid last year. I
have a USB wireless dongle that uses the driver, and I have noticed just
like all the other users who have mentioned it - that it occasionally
"cuts out".

* G33 chipset detection in the kernel - going into RELEASE? or will it
not make it?

Otherwise FreeBSD7-RC1 is holding up well for me.

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