FreeBSD nss, getgroupmembership(3)

Matthijs Kooijman matthijs at
Mon Jan 7 02:10:53 PST 2008


a while back (or actually, more than a year back...) there was some discussion
in this thread about implementing getgroupmembership support in FreeBSD NSS.

FYI, Michael Bushkov has commited support for this a few weeks back based on
work by me and largely by Michael Hanselmann. For now, there is no support yet
in the nss_ldap and nss_winbind modules, but patches are already available.

Support wil not be merged to 7.0, but hopefully it will be in 7.1.

See pr 115196 [1] for more details about it, and links to the winbind/ldap patches.



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