ZFS on AMD64 - any recent crashes?

Gelsema, P (Patrick) - FreeBSD freebsd at superhero.nl
Sun Jan 6 14:55:51 PST 2008

On Sun, January 6, 2008 23:49, Hugo Silva wrote:
>> The zfs pool is jailed and within the jail runs samba.
>> The only "issue" I have is that whenever I reboot that I have to re-jail
>> the zfs pool and remount it within the jail. Would love if this could be
>> automatic.
> Would having the option to specify the JID one wants for a jail that's
> launching solve this ?

After rebooting I have to do the following on the box.

On the host:
hulk# zfs jail 4 zfspublic/batman

This allows the jail with id4 (called batman) to talk to the zfs pool.

On the jail:

batman# zfs mount -a

Only after that the zfs pool/storage is available from within the jail.

I did have a quick look to see if I could add something to the rc.zfs file
but it's a bit tricky, depending on when the zfs is started/loaded and
when the jails are initialised. You can only jail zfs when the jail in
which you want to use zfs is already running. Please correct me if I am

Fortunately I do not reboot that often ;-)


> Regards,
> Hugo

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