ZFS on AMD64 - any recent crashes?

Ivan Voras ivoras at freebsd.org
Sun Jan 6 13:01:07 PST 2008

Peter Schuller wrote:
>> In light of the recent discussion about ZFS stability, does anyone still
>> have kmem_map_too_small panics on AMD64 after tuning it (as presented in
>> http://wiki.freebsd.org/ZFSTuningGuide)?
> Not sure if you wanted negatives, but I have not seen such crashes on any of 

All reports are welcome :)

> the three amd64 systems I'm running ZFS on (3 gb, 4 gb and 4 gb of RAM). The 
> only tuning done is to increase the kmem size and arc_max and disabling 
> prefetch. The increase in kmem was not to avoid crashes, but was to 
> accomodate the larger arc_max chosen.

This is somewhat a special case - you also did tuning besides kmem size. 
I'm especially interested in this, hoping to gather the "combination 
that works" from the reports.

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