Hung laptop now will not boot 7.0-RC1

Darran darranc at
Sun Jan 6 04:12:39 PST 2008

Hello all,

I downloaded, burnt and installed 7.0-RC1 (all torrent) on amd64
I downloaded the dell windows drivers for my laptop wireless card (which
worked on i3686 6.2-RELEASE) and used ndisgen to create the .ko file
(bcmwl5_sys.ko) and loaded it and then realised I had created the 32 bit
driver so I re-did it and used the 64 bit file and loaded the 64bit .ko and
at that point my laptop (Dell Vostro 1000) hung.
I had put bcmwl5_sys_load="YES" in the loader.conf file
I rebooted and now I don't get anything. As soon as it starts to boot it
There is a screen showing kernel dump info and I can copy it if needed but I
have to burn the rescue iso otherwise I cant boot.

Is this a known problem ?
Does anyone have any advice ?


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