a new way to hang 7.0

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Fri Jan 4 12:21:52 PST 2008

Graham Todd wrote:
> Matthew Dillon wrote:
>>     DragonFly has a new filesystem called HAMMER in the works which should
>>     become production ready in a few months.  All primary operations work now
>>     so it is very real, but major pieces still need to be written and others
>>     need to be rewritten and stabilized.  It's in pre-alpha state now and
>>     will be early-alpha by the DFly 2.0 release later this month.  It should
>>     be in a state that can be ported without having to play constant catchup
>>     in maybe 2-3 months.  This filesystem has full historical capabilities...
>>     you don't even have to make snapshots per say, just sync, and you can get
>>     at any data as-of any point in the past with a simple @@<timestamp>
>>     file/directory name extension.
> Wow, pretty neat. If HAMMER becomes the default filesystem and snapshots
> are low cost and easy are they any plans to leverage these features? :-)
>  If I understand some of the opensolaris work correctly they are
> starting to make use of zfs snapshots for upgrades/updates and packaging
> systems.

There are better lists on which to discuss DragonflyBSD vaporware.


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