ServerWorks/Broadcom HT1000 chipset errata saga

Travis Mikalson bofh at
Thu Jan 3 01:47:31 PST 2008

Nick Pope wrote:
> I csup'ed to latest RELENG_7_0 (RC1) and built the GENERIC kernel.  I'm 
> assuming Soren's patch has made it into RC1 because, without commenting 
> out the rr232x driver, the kernel mis-detects my Supermicro PCI-X SATA 
> controller (MV88SX6081 chipset) as an rr232x.

No, Søren's HT1000/Marvell fixing stuff is still in HEAD only according 
to cvsweb. Did not make it to RELENG_7 or RELENG_7_0 yet.

I think your problem is unrelated to this patchset.

It wasn't making any sense that any of this code that was touched would 
have any effect on detection of your Marvell device anyway...

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