Update: Repeated or missed keys after upgrading from 6.2 to 7.0

Mike Silbersack silby at silby.com
Tue Jan 1 23:31:48 PST 2008

On Mon, 24 Dec 2007, Mike Silbersack wrote:

> In order to eat my own dog food, I upgraded my laptop from 6.2 to 7.0. This 
> seemed to have gone well, until I started writing a long e-mail while sitting 
> on the couch today.  As I was typing the e-mail, I noticed that my typing 
> skills seemed to have gone missing; there were words missing 2-3 letters, and 
> other places where I was apparently holding down keyyyys. Heh, that's a real 
> example of the phenomenon right there.
> After a while I realized that I was not typing sloppily, but that in fact 
> keys are being lost in certain cases and duplicated in others.  Since I did 
> not rebuild any ports or packages, I'm convinced that this is directly 
> related to the 7.0 upgrade.
> This behavior has shown up when running a local copy of pine (inside 
> konsole), chatting in ksirc, and in a few other programs.  (I'm running KDE.) 
> I think it happens more when on battery than when plugged into an outlet. 
> I'm running xbattbar, so it could be querying the battery status and causing 
> problems.  This is using the laptop's built-in keyboard (non-USB.)
> I'm going to try to track this down, although I don't know how successful 
> I'll be.  I'd like to know if anyone else has seen this problem and if they 
> have any additional information that might help me track it down faster.
> Thanks,
> Mike "Silby" Silbersack

Thanks to everyone who responded to this thread.  Here's what I've learned 
since my initial message:

1.  Other people have seen this problem (or something similar) as far back 
as 5.x.

1a.  I noticed in my kernel config file that I did NOT have kdbmux in my 
6.2 kernel config file, but I do have it in my 7.0 kernel config file. 
However, I also tried recompiling 7.0 without kbdmux, and the problem 
still occurs.

2.  The problem only happens when I have xbattbar running.  Whether or not 
I'm actually running on battery makes no difference.

3.  Ssh sessions into the box do not appear to be affected.

4.  If I plug in a USB keyboard, it does not seem to be affected.  (Either 
with or without kbdmux.)

I've added some KTR debugging statements to try to help me track this 
down, but I have not yet made much progress.

Mike "Silby" Silbersack

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