ServerWorks/Broadcom HT1000 chipset errata saga

Travis Mikalson bofh at
Tue Jan 1 19:54:51 PST 2008

Nick Pope wrote:
> Installed the patch, now it thinks my Marvel SATA controller is an rr232x!!
> If I comment out rr232x driver in the kernel config, the Marvel is 
> detected no problem.  However, as soon as I mount my zpool (using the 
> Marvel controller) the Ierrs start up again.
> -Nick
> On Dec 30, 2007, at 11:52 PM, <lists at> <lists at> 
> wrote:
>> BTW, I've had PCI-X problems with a Marvel MV88SX6081 SATA controller 
>> on a M/B WITHOUT the HT1000 chipset (Tyan S2881UG2NR).  The M/B worked 
>> flawlessly under 7.0-BETA1 & BETA2.  I added the Marvell controller 
>> and EVERYTHING on the PCI-X bus flaked out.  I'm seeing Ierrs and 
>> Oerrs (netstat -i) on the built-in bge interfaces, ZFS checksum errors 
>> on disks attached to the Marvel controller, etc.
>> I wasn't sure from reading the thread whether Soren thought the 
>> problem went beyond the HT1000 chipset or not.  The problem seems to 
>> manifest itself only when I use the disks attached to the Marvel 
>> controller.  I'm applying the patch now to see if it fixes the problem.
>> -Nick

Thanks for trying it out. I just waved this in front of Søren.

The apparently new mis-detection issue is certainly something to be 
concerned about. You're absolutely sure it was detected as a Marvell 
reliably (with rr232x still in there) before you applied that patch?

The fact that the patch didn't do anything to solve your Marvell 
controller problem is too bad, also, but the mis-detection issue is of 
more immediate concern since this HT1000/Marvell-fixing code is being 
vetted for inclusion in 7.0-R.

Have you tried that hardware combination with any other OSes to see if 
it's a FreeBSD-specific issue and not just a hardware-level issue?

I haven't had a chance to confirm myself since my box with the Marvell 
controller in it is a long drive away from me, but Søren did get his 
PCI-X 8-port Marvell working perfectly fine after making these fixes.

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