PXE on 7.0 problem and solution

Tim Clewlow tim1timau at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 20:30:28 UTC 2008

Hi there,

Installing 7.0 via PXE has a slight problem that is easily worked around. The
file /boot/mfsroot.gz on the installation media needs to be unzipped to make
PXE boot via tftp/nfs work. Otherwise the loader ultimately complains that it
cant find the device to boot from. For example, if you have the installation
media living at /usr/pxe/nfs/ on the PXE server, then do:

gzip -d /usr/pxe/nfs/boot/mfsroot.gz

After doing this it now loads the kernel and starts the installation procedure
as expected. Someone more knowledgeable than me might want to let whoever needs
to know about this.

Apart from that, it looks great, the work is appreciated, thanks for the new
release :-)

Cheers, Tim.

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