FreeBSD 7.0 Beta,RC,RELEASE (amd64) freezes with dummynet enabled

matthew matthew at
Wed Feb 27 15:02:21 UTC 2008

I have posted before that i have a stability issue with the 7.0 branch
on my servers. Tested on BETA2,BETA4,RC1,RC2,RELEASE

The original thread and my post with details is at:

I was waiting for the 7.0-RELEASE, updated the whole servers, and
enabled dummynet again, but it always freezes after some minutes, 100%

I tested it also on a HP 140 G3 1U server, where 6.3 has absolutely no
problems, but the 7.0 branch keeps freezing.

Again, if it helps to solve this bug, i can rebuild the kernel with
debug symbols a take some screenshots :)

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