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Milan Obuch freebsd-current at dino.sk
Tue Feb 26 07:02:33 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 26 February 2008, Julian Elischer wrote:
> Brooks Davis wrote:
> > On Mon, Feb 25, 2008 at 08:44:56PM -0800, Julian Elischer wrote:
> >> At some stage in the next few weeks I will be trying to commit
> >> Marco Zec's vimage code to -current. (only 'trying' not
> >> for technical reasons, but political).
> >>

I am one giving my full mental support to this one. Current status with only 
some snapshots available for testing is not good for me. I have a box in 
production using vimages and this will give me much easier method of testing 
things than it is now.

[ snip ]

> >> what do we gain?
> >>  Jail on steroids
> >>  A framework that can be extended to other virtualisation avenues.
> >>  The ability to have full virtual machines on almost any layout
> >>  of physical hardware.
> >>
> >> Why now?
> >>   The code is in a shape where teh compiled out version of hte system is
> >> stable. In the compiled in version, it is functional
> >> enough to provide nearly all of what people want. It needs people with
> >> other interests to adapt it to their purposes and use it so that it can
> >> become a solid product for future releases.
> >
> > The website has a snapshot with a date over a month old and many
> > comments about unstable interfaces.  I've seen zero reports of
> > substantial testing...
> I and others have run it but there are obviously things to still do.
> there is of course a limited amount of testing that a couple of people
> can do. having said that I feel comfortable with it now or I wouldn't
> have sugested this. As I said teh compiled out version is much easier
> to verify, and this would give a much larger testing population.

I am running an older snapshot for couple of months now with no problem and 
only one small issue - some spurious messages in syslog, which does not 
bother me enough yet to hunt the real reason for it. I did run a similar 
system based on older 4-X releases patches with great success too, so I am 
just waiting for this move in order to be able to test better and more what 
new we can do in this area.

[ snip ]

> I say the next few weeks because we need it to happen NOW and
> not "just before 8.0" It's been tested and run for over a year.
> how much more do you want? No-one is talking about puting it in 7.0
> yet, but I don't want to make the same mistake we made when we didn't
> put it in -current when 6.x was done. (slight hyperbole there... :-)

I think so too. This is good time for this move, so the whole picture will be 
clear before 8.0 (and I would like it to be long before 8.0) so the dust will 
be long ago settled in that timeframe. I will surely try my best with this 
when available. In my eyes, necessary amount of conservativism in this area 
is already taken and we should take a move.

> > Don't get me wrong.  I think this is interesting work and that it could
> > be a major asset to FreeBSD.  I also recognize that it should go in
> > in the next 6-9 months (12 at the outside) if it's not going to cause
> > problems with 8.0.  I simply don't see any valid motivation for doing it
> > with undue haste.
> This is not haste.. this has been waiting in the wings fo rover a
> year. I'd like to see it in -current at most 2 months after 7.0 hits
> the streets. We need to give it soak time and get people up to speed
> on how to extend it and other virtual facilities, and probably
> for feedback to resolt in design fixes so that wen 8.0 gets out the
> door we have something that we can really be proud of.

For me, even 6-9 weeks is somewhat too long, but acceptable. The goal should 
be to gain stable state in -current ASAP in the true sense of this 
abbreviation. And this needs some work, but the gain is tremendous in my 

That being said, I can help only with testing and maybe some feature refining 
if some needs will be, but as I have current usage for this framework and 
some more in future (maybe, now just as an ideas), I am really interested in 
this move to happen.

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