Topology aware scheduling algorithm.

Jeff Roberson jroberson at
Tue Feb 26 05:53:27 UTC 2008

On Tue, 26 Feb 2008, David Xu wrote:

> Jeff Roberson wrote:
>> Also in the cpuset.diff at:
>> There is support for cpu topology aware scheduling.  This allows the 
>> scheduler to know which cores are colocated on packages and what the cache 
>> arrangement between them is.
>> We have seen big improvements in some workloads and some reduction in other 
>> workloads.  However, I believe this should finally close the gap on the few 
>> benchmarks where ULE could trail 4BSD.  Please prove me wrong if you can so 
>> I can continue to make ULE better.
>> Right now the MD code is slightly lagging behind what the scheduler can 
>> utilize.  If you have an interest in digging through processor 
>> documentation to write code to detect more information about the caches 
>> please contact me.  I'd love some help.
>> This code and the cpusets will likely be committed to 8.0 by the end of the 
>> week and then we'll discuss MFCs after some time to settle there.
>> Thanks,
>> Jeff
> FYI, sometimes ago, I have written some code to collect cpu topology
> information according to vendor's specifications, it is only for x86.
> each cpu just calls cpu_topology_update() at startup time, and the
> information will be collected.
> note that these code have not been updated for AMD's 4-core
> package yet, I have not this cpu.

Thanks David,

I think our identcpu.c already detects this information.  That's what I'm 
using.  Although I assume that all cpus are identical and fall back on a 
flat topology if this isn't the case.  I'd like to start including more 
cache information though.


> Regards,
> David Xu
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