ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

mouss mouss at
Tue Feb 26 00:26:58 UTC 2008

Derek Ragona wrote:
> At 05:21 PM 2/25/2008, mouss wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am having an ssh issue to a freebsd 6.2 (error in subject). this 
>> happened after a power outage at the client side (client was 
>> connected before that), and this is the second time. Ican still 
>> connect to netbsd, centos and debian systems from the same client.
>> Is there a problem with the ssh shipped with 6.2? (BTW the system is 
>> running pf). if so, what's the recommended way to fix this? any other 
>> ideas?
> sshd has to be running on the system.  

thanks for the quick reply.  I guess it is still as it barfs!

> Also you may need to delete any cached keys.  You don't say in your 
> post what client you are using.

I tried with secureCRT and with openssh from a netbsd, debian and centos 
boxes. same error.
I googled for the error, and it seems popular!
- I don't think it's an /etc/host* issue, as I was connected to the box 
multiple times (and I tried from multiple IPs).
- I tried from a vmware hosts with no keys, just to make sure it's not a 
key issue.

could this be a dns issue? the host is running a "caching" bind. I would 
prefer not to disable dns lookup, but if this causes trouble...

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