Recommended virtualization technique for debugging/developing FreeBSD

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Mon Feb 25 17:56:43 UTC 2008


I was wondering what people use, in the abscense of suitable actual hardware, 
to debug/develop FreeBSD (the kernel in particular). I'm willing to resort to 
almost any host, including Windows, as long as I have something reliable.

I haven't had much luck with qemu (crashes), nor virtualbox (crashes). I was 
going to go for vmware on Windows, but while it ran FreeBSD pretty well, 
before I had even percolated the disk layout enough to trigger the bug 
(required root-on-zfs) I was hoping to trigger, the vmware configuration tool 
crapped out on me and produced a configuration it could not itself read.

What do all you regular kernel developers use, if not physical hardware?

/ Peter Schuller

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