ZFS: data sometimes not getting correctly flushed to disk (possible mmap/write issue)?

Bruce A. Mah bmah at freebsd.org
Mon Feb 25 00:15:20 UTC 2008

If memory serves me right, Brian Biskeborn wrote:
> This has been happening to me for a week or so (same setup - Dovecot on 
> ZFS). I'll disable mmap and see whether it persists.

<aol>Me too.</aol>

I'll give this a shot as well.

(FreeBSD 7.0-PRERELEASE/amd64 from about a week ago, but I've been 
seeing this off and on for awhile.  dovecot-1.0.10 from Ports.)


> Peter Schuller wrote:
>>> 3) ktracing gen2.py shows that the py-mutagen library seems to do both
>>> write()s and read/write mmap()s to the file to update the file.
>> FWIW, ever since a dovecot installation of mine was moved onto ZFS one gets 
>> sporadic 'internel errors' from dovecot. Dovecot logs that index files are 
>> corrupt, and marked broken. Recovery involves re-selecting the IMAP mailbox.
>> In response to your post, I recently turned OFF use of mmap in dovecot 
>> (mmap_disable = yes), and the problem seems to have gone away immediately.
>> If it should show up again in spite of mmap being disabled I will post a 
>> follow-up, but it's been long enough that I believe the problem to be gone.
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