2 core dumps

Adrian Chadd adrian at freebsd.org
Sun Feb 24 13:23:05 UTC 2008

I'd suggest that you graph the whatever temperatures your laptop can
report under both FreeBSD and Linux.

Laptops do get warm - especially if people do dumb things like
restrict airflow to where its needed - but if its getting too warm to
use then something's amiss.

Powerd and friends job isn't to prevent the CPU from overheating, its
to step the CPU down a notch when its not being asked to do intensive
tasks. If your laptop can't sustain intensive tasks without crashing
then there's a fault in the laptop, either the design or your specific

Graph the temperatures and see if the laptop runs noticably warmer
under FreeBSD than Linux. You might just find that "more work" is
being done under FreeBSD and its causing your hardware to fail.

The backtraces are useless if your hardware is at fault. Discount the
hardware being at fault first.


(Who gave up trying to make this crap work on PCs and just bought an iBook..)

On 24/02/2008, Mikael Ikivesi <mikael.ikivesi at pp.inet.fi> wrote:
>  > Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
>  > > You told us yourself that parts of your laptop have been deformed and
>  > > discolored by heat.
> On Sat, 2008-02-23 at 13:18 +0100, Svein Skogen wrote:
>  > Those deformed parts necessarily changes the airflow, and as such
>  > reduces the laptops chances of cooling itself.
> <SNIP>
> > Regards,
>  >
>  > Svein Skogen
>  >
>  > p.s. I've done my share of trying to deny the truth of hardware being
>  > defective. It didn't work, the hardware was just as dead as before I
>  > denied it being dead.
> And at this point I would like to point out that no one in this threat
>  has complained about deformed and discolored laptop!
>  I understand that you might be having hundreds of mail per day and
>  having problems of carefully reading everything thru. But when answering
>  to people please read their mail first.
>  I tried to point out repeatedly that this laptop did not overheat while
>  crashing, neither became a grilled plastic heap before that.
>  It stays cool and quiet as it should. And under linux it still is fully
>  operational. And with FreeBSD it compiled freebsd world and ports again
>  last night without a crash (or overheating).
>  This thread was about getting more information about crashes and their
>  possible reasons. I am not saying that it is entirely impossible that
>  these are somehow caused by crappy laptop, but at least they are not
>  because of overheating.
>  -Mikael
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