2 core dumps

Svein Skogen svein-listmail at d80.iso100.no
Sat Feb 23 12:18:49 UTC 2008

Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> "Alexandre \"Sunny\" Kovalenko" <alex.kovalenko at verizon.net> writes:
>> If I rephrase my point as
>> "The fact that OS initiated shutdown because it thinks that your laptop
>> has reached certain temperature threshold does not necessarily mean that
>> your hardware is damaged."
>> would you be more amenable to agreeing with it?
> No.
> On the other hand, the fact that your OS didn't initiate shutdown does
> not mean your hardware did not overheat.
> You told us yourself that parts of your laptop have been deformed and
> discolored by heat.

I (almost) concur to this view. However, this MAY be more a prediction 
of what's coming, than a description of what is now. Discolored parts, 
plastic parts (presumably parts close to the airflow in the laptop) are 
usually a sign of A) a total breakdown, or B) a breakdown in progress.

Those deformed parts necessarily changes the airflow, and as such 
reduces the laptops chances of cooling itself.

At the same time, the discolored parts tells of electronics going way 
beyond their intended temperature, and this gives us another clue: 
Oxydation of metals. Oxydated metals simply does not offer the same 
conductivity as the original alloy did. Thus, they generate more heat 
(increased resistance, ohms law).

The combination of reduced cooling capability, AND increased heat 
generated, means that the frequency of your problems will simply 
increase. Period.

Since the laptop is a little slow in understanding that it's now doomed, 
I suggest you utilize the remaining minutes of operation to back up your 
data, and web-shop for a new laptop. This one is spent.


Svein Skogen

p.s. I've done my share of trying to deny the truth of hardware being 
defective. It didn't work, the hardware was just as dead as before I 
denied it being dead.

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