Winbond IO chip driver

Garrett Cooper yanefbsd at
Fri Feb 22 04:42:36 UTC 2008

On Feb 21, 2008, at 7:57 PM, Mike Tancsa wrote:

> At 10:21 PM 2/21/2008, David Duchscher wrote:
>> I have started work on a WinBond chip driver (currently only the
>> W83627HF chip) to provide access to the chips watchdog timer and
> Hi,
>        We have a similar one at
> its for the W83697UF/UG
> Not sure how different your chip is.  I used the old ichwd driver as  
> a template
>        ---Mike

Looking at the relevant datasheets the pin config is different for all  
sides of the chip. Thus, you'll have to change the OP codes and  
methods used in read, writing, and polling operations. Plus the WDT  
setting procedure may be different...

I too haven't written drivers for FreeBSD, but given my [limited]  
experience with C and PLDs (PICs to be exact), you may want to see  
whether or not the timing specs aren't being met as shown in the  
datasheet (assuming you're running into some level of deterministic  
errors). Using NOPs or verifying via readback for write operations  
(although inefficient) would most likely work to your advantage.

May also want to try hackers@ instead of current@


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