2 core dumps

Svein Skogen svein-listmail at d80.iso100.no
Thu Feb 21 18:06:37 UTC 2008

Mikael Ikivesi wrote:
> Hi
> with RELENG_7 (4-7 days old) I have come across with 2
> panic/reboot.
> The first hapened while machine was compiling ports. When I came back
> the machine had rebooted and coredumped.

Could you add the following extra info (in case this is more than an 
isolated hardware failure):

Your /var/run/dmesg.boot

Laptop make & model, and (if any) docking station used.

Reason I'm asking for docking station, is that a few years ago, I had 
similar dumps (waaaay back when 5 was current), that actually got nailed 
down to a dirty docking-station connector. Go figure. Knowing what 
hardware is involved can help other FreeBSD users test if this problem 
is repeatable.


Svein Skogen

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