mount order, Was: nfs mounts don't work through fstab

Wilhelm B. Kloke wb at
Wed Feb 20 08:11:45 UTC 2008

Stanislav Sedov <stas at> schrieb:
>> >
>> I have a problem which is possibly related to this one. My FreeBSD7-amd64
>> system fails to boot, because the network device nfe0 cannot be
>> configured by dhclient. Dhclient refuses to work because / is not
>> yet writeable. So I have to mount_-u_-o_r_/ manually, start
>> dhclient_nfe0 again, and quit single-user mode to get the
>> system booted.
> Do you mount your / via nfs?

No. The nfs mounts are not needed early.

My idea about the problem was wrong, anyway. In my fstab there are
nullfs mounts which depend on the nfs mounts. I did not find a way
to delay these mounts. Giving them a higher mount pass number does
not seem to work.
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