panic w/ ohci_add_done:addr xxxx not found

vehemens vehemens at
Tue Feb 19 08:57:41 UTC 2008

There are several existing FreeBSD PRs (88568, 104810, 107827, 120283) 
describing OHCI problems.  Googling also shows a number of others having OHCI 

My M2A-VM with BIOS version 1603 does it as well, so I wouldn't expect a BIOS 
update to fix the problem.

Some testing indicates that its' a result of legacy USB support.  If I disable 
it, the kernel doesn't panic, however the boot loader doesn't work with a USB 
keyboard so it's not a real fix.

Probably need to prod the driver folks given that USB keyboards and mouses are 
becoming more common.

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