remaining problems with RELENG_7

Dominic Fandrey d.fandrey at
Sat Feb 16 08:32:33 UTC 2008

There are 2 problems bugging me some time now, in RELENG_7. The first one is 
a regression:
The snd_maestro Module only works properly after reloading it. Very strange.

The other one might be a bug in Xorg or not. X entirely freezes when using 
/dev/sysmouse as mouse device. Only when the mouse moves, does X react to 
anything. Only the CTRL-ALT-FN events or CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE have any effect 
after moving the mouse. It's entirely unusuable this way. This problem 
existed on my Thinkpad before it burst into flame and it also exists on my 
new HP notebook.
It also used to exist on my desktop, but it disappeared a couple of months ago.

Without moused dynamically plugging in mouses using USB is not possible. So 
for notebook users this is very annoying.

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