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Alexander Leidinger Alexander at Leidinger.net
Sat Feb 16 11:18:32 UTC 2008

Quoting Chuck Robey <chuckr at chuckr.org> (Tue, 12 Feb 2008 15:53:13 -0500):

> But, I guess there's been a lot of coding in usb, because the state of usb
> docs is, well, mostly missing in action.  I found about a conf file in /etc
> called usbd.conf, but I would guess that's a goner too (although this is a
> recently installed machine, so it shouldn't be too chock full of ancient
> memorabilia.

cd /usr/src
make check-old
make delete-old
make delte-old-libs (make sure you don't need them anymore)

> The handbook, both the regular version AND the developer version, treat usb
> only from the direction of masss storage.  Once I get to the point of
> understanding this data dump I have (and that won't bee all that long) I
> need more into about how to architecturally amke this work.  Questions
> like, does this item need to operate alone, or along with my current
> trackball?  If I write a device driver for this, what kind of interface
> should I present at /dev?  If I get this done, will I just enter some

You could ask hps at FreeBSD.org, he is working on a new USB stack in


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